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Sad But True Image

"Sad But True"


September 19, 2019 - Age 13

Views: 82,353

All I Want For Christmas Is You Image

"All I Want For Christmas Is You"

Mariah Carey

December 14, 2019 - Age 13

Doesn’t feel like Christmas until you get this song stuck in your...

Views: 55,525

Funky Duck Image

"Funky Duck"


September 09, 2019 - Age 13

Feel good music that will leave you dancing, smiling, and wanting...

Views: 20,389

Come And Get It Image

"Come And Get It"

I Prevail

September 13, 2019 - Age 13

Ignore the naysayers and do what you love. If you want others to...

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Foreplay/Long Time Image

"Foreplay/Long Time"


September 08, 2019 - Age 13

One of the staples of classic rock-Boston! Thanks to two amazing...

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Are You Gonna Go My Way Image

"Are You Gonna Go My Way"

Lenny Kravitz

September 27, 2019 - Age 13

A Strong and Captivating song! Enjoy.

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Hos Down Image

"Hos Down"

Luke Holland

September 19, 2019 - Age 13

The unpredictability and complexity of this intense progressive r...

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Jet City Woman Image

"Jet City Woman"


December 28, 2019 - Age 13

This love song by Queensryche is definitely not your typical heav...

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